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About the Groundwater Management Program
In 1997, the Nevada Legislature directed the Southern Nevada Water Authority to develop a program to protect and manage the Las Vegas Valley's primary groundwater supply.

Program Goals

  • Protection: Support activities to protect the aquifer from contamination
  • Management: Improve management of the groundwater resources to prevent overdrafting
  • Information: Provide information about the aquifer, water conservation and rules governing groundwater wells in Southern Nevada to well users
  • Cooperation: Increase understanding and cooperation among groundwater users and agencies involved in groundwater

Well users help shape the program
The Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program receives input from an Advisory Committee for Groundwater Management. This well user group meets quarterly to discuss issues of interest and to develop recommendations on what can be done to protect the groundwater basin.

The committee's recommendations have been incorporated into the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program and its various activities.

Elements of the program
The following program elements are funded through an annual groundwater management fee which is paid by all well users and holders of water permits or water rights.

Commitment to groundwater guardianship
Every year since 2000, the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program has been designated a "Groundwater Guardian" by the Groundwater Foundation, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting groundwater supplies. The Groundwater Guardian program supports, recognizes, and connects communities protecting groundwater, and is designed to empower local citizens and communities to take voluntary steps toward protecting their groundwater resources.

The Groundwater Management Program was awarded the designation for its ongoing commitment to sound groundwater management in the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas is the first and only community in Nevada to receive the Groundwater Guardian designation.

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