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Well Sub-Meter Program Offered
The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a Sub-Meter Assistance Program to help well owners monitor and reduce their water use.

The Sub-Meter Assistance Program provides well owners, particularly those on community wells, with a one-inch water meter and a $150 rebate to help offset installation costs. Participating well owners must have the meter installation verified by the Nevada Division of Water Resources (NDWR) to receive the rebate. The Advisory Committee for Groundwater Management recommended the program to help well owners manage their water use in anticipation of the NDWR's ability to impose fines.

NDWR is able to assess penalties and fines to well owners who overpump their permits or commit other violations of Nevada Water Law.

Unless metered, a home on a community well does not have an accurate gauge for how much water the household is using. The program helps well users determine if they are within their permitted allotment.

The program is open to both community and domestic well users. For more information, please call the Groundwater Information Line at (702) 258-7288 or email us.

Step 1: Get Your Meter
To get started, fill out the meter application online, print it, then mail or fax your completed application to:

Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program (MS 760)
c/o: Southern Nevada Water Authority
1001 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89153

(702) 258-7146 FAX

You also can call (702) 258-7288 to receive an application by mail. To be eligible for the meter and installation rebate, complete payment of the Groundwater Management Fee is required. Once your application is approved, a one-inch meter will be mailed to you.

Step 2: Get Your Rebate
Meters must be installed within one year of distribution. Once your meter is installed, fill out the installation rebate application online, print it, and mail or fax it in. The meter must be installed per specifications in order to receive the rebate. Only meters provided through the Sub-Meter Assistance Program qualify for the installation rebate.

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