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NV Well User's Guide
Safety Tips

Tips for safety, health and water conservation

  • Establish a wellhead protection area around your well with a minimum radius of 100 feet. Do not spill, store or dispose of animal wastes, fuels, pesticides, fertilizers or paints within that area.

  • Test your well water at least once a year for coliform bacteria and at least once every three years for the Routine Domestic Water Analysis. Call a certified private lab for details, or contact the Nevada State Health Laboratory at (702) 733-3700.

  • Check for broken water lines, which are one of the major causes of hidden leaks and wasted water from wells. Take extra care when searching for a broken line, due to the pressure and storage tanks installed as part of your well system.

Follow these tips to find a leak:

  1. Turn off all water inside and outside your home

  2. Write down your meter reading

  3. Leave all water turned off overnight or for at least eight hours

  4. Recheck your meter reading. If the reading has changed, you may have a hidden leak.


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