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A well in Southern Nevada

Advisory Committee

Importance of public involvement

The Southern Nevada Water Authority has led many of the efforts related to the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program; however, it relies heavily on the input of groundwater users, including members of the public and those individuals who comprise the Advisory Committee for Groundwater Management.

In fact, it was a citizens committee that drafted the legislation officially creating the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program. Public involvement remains an important and ongoing part of the program and its activities.

Who serves on the advisory committee?
The Southern Nevada Water Authority appoints members to the Advisory Committee. These people represent different types of groundwater users in the Las Vegas Valley, as well as the State Engineer and Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. The total committee is comprised of the following:

  • Two people who own and operate domestic wells.
  • One representative of a community or quasi-municipal well.
  • One industrial or commercial well user.
  • One representative of a municipal water purveyor that owns and operates wells in the basin.
  • One municipal system ratepayer.
  • One representative of a private water company.
  • The State Engineer or designated representative. (ex-officio, nonvoting member)
  • The Administrator of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection or designated representative. (ex-officio, nonvoting member)

Committee activities:

  • Meet to discuss issues related to the Las Vegas Valley groundwater basin and Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program.
  • Make recommendations to the Southern Nevada Water Authority Board regarding the groundwater basin and management program.
  • Conduct public workshops at least once a year to educate the public about ongoing groundwater issues and to gather public input.

Committee members and meeting agendas

The members of the Las Vegas Valley Advisory Committee for Groundwater Management serve two-year terms and provide public oversight and input to the Groundwater Management Program.

Members (representing)

Stacey Lindburg, Domestic Well Users
John Hiatt, Domestic Well Users
Krystle Oridaniza, Commercial/Industrial Well Users
Richard Avila, Private Water Companies
John Guillory,  Nevada Division of Water Resources (non-voting member)
James Dotchin, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (non-voting member)

Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes and barring any server problems, meeting agendas are posted online by 9 a.m. three business days prior to the scheduled meeting (NRS 241.020).

Meeting Agendas